Jul 9, 2007

A Moment

Just one nightA night not of raging passionsBut the rustle of silky wordsCareless touches, stolen momentsTonight I just close my eyesCling on to this precarious momentFeel the music run through my bodyDance to the rhythm of happinessHow long has it been since I felt that?I?m not quite sureAll I know is there is something in the very air tonightNot crackling or steaming with passion It?s the subtle glow of something by the candle lightIt?s the whispersThe soft quiet whispersIt?s the look in your eyes?the way your eyes talk to meIt?s the brush of your fingers, the smell of your skinThe sound of your breathingSo familiar and yet alienHold on to it, don?t let it goBreathe this moment, smell itTaste this momentFeel it against your face, your cheeksTonight is just one nightThe morning will dissipate it allTomorrow we shall be strangers againFriends but strangersThe moment will be lost, forgotten, brokenI clutch this moment to my heartIt will be gone tomorrowThis muted, subtle, precarious loveIt?ll blow away like the smoke my life has becomeBut my eyes are closedFeel the musicThink of what wasTonight I smileTears remain hidden in my eyesStayTonight let me just breathe, feel, savorTonight let me remember?Just remember what it was likeTo be happy
? Ishika Seth

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Flug Kanada on July 17, 2008 6:16 PM said...

Great poems! Who are the authors?



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